Projects 2005-2010 (a selection)


„Badlands to the skies“ visual music
Idea and concept by Charlotte Hug & José López-Montes

For viola, voice, room score with Son-Icons, ambisonic spatial sound diffusion and panoramic video projection
Premiere 12th of September at the festival of the Arts Zurich 2009

Residency at the ICST Zurich summer 09 Festival of the Arts Zurich 2009/10
info   Badlands to the skies
„anderwelten” audio-visual installation at Pathos Munich 2009/10
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„Solo-Duo-Trio“ and Son-Icons with Maya Homburger Barry Guy, Ch. Hug at the Minoritensaal Graz March 09
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“Slipway to galaxies” 2008/09 Ireland & Lausanne for orchestra, Son-Icons and video scores
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Composition by Charlotte Hug, conducted by Charlotte Hug & Philippe Krüttli
Solo for viola & voice Charlotte Hug, live video streaming with Son-Icons Götz Rogge from Berlin
Premiere Casino Montbenon Lausanne Dec. 08 recording & production Radio de la Suisse Romande
Premiere San Francisco International Festival for the arts, new version of “slipway to galaxies” for tentet with Rovate-Ensemble: saxophone quartet: Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin, Andrew Voigt, Bruce Ackley, string quartet: Carla Kihlstedt, Charlotte Hug, Joan Jeanrenad, Lisle Ellis, analog, synth. Thomas Lehn, drums Kjyell Nordeson live Images Lillevan

“Slipways” 2008 Kunstkeller Bern & Swissnex San Francisco

Concert-installation with Son-Icons created on the Slipway in Rushbrooke Irland
Exhibition & solo performance at the Kunstkeller Bern and at Swissnex San Francisco 08

“holy & hot” 2008 Baden
holy & hot

 “holy & hot”, live performance for viola and voice in the sound-installation with spring sounds
Premiere Mai 08 “holy & hot” was commissioned by Walter Küng “Hotel-Offen” at Verenahof, Bären & Ochsen Baden

“The thing from the deep” Berlin 07 in the bunker Humboldthain / exhibition at the Haus für Kunst Uri 2007
The thing

Eleven part installation with son-Iocns, graphite on semi transparent paper,  fluorescent colour, light- control system

Installation at the Haus der Kunst Uri as a part of the exhibition “Underground, below ground level” 2007

“Oedipus auf Kolonos“ by Sophokles / 2007-2008 Munich

Director: Jossi Wieler, stage design: Barbara Ehnes, composition: Wolfgang Siuda & Charlotte Hug,
Costumes: Nadine Grellinger, Light design: Max Keller Dramaturgy: Tilman Raabke

Ensemble of the Münchner Kammerspiele: Stephan Bissmeier, Annette Paulmann, Caroline Ebner,
Hans Kremer, Edmund Telgenkämper, Sylvana Krappatsch, Anna Bögner, Rena Dumont, Angelika Fink,
Lena Lauzemnis, live music Charlotte Hug
Premiere Münchner Kammerspiele September 2007 to December 2008

“Daphnications” 2006-2007 Cross-science project with biologist Dr. Michael Griesser and planctons Daphnia magna

Musical performance and Son-Icons: Charlotte Hug, scientific inputs: biologist Dr. Michael Griesser from Uppsala
Live video-mixing: Götz Rogge from Berlin, live camera: Silke Thal from Berlin

Premiered at the international festival Alpentöne Altdorf 2007
Commissioned by Pro Helvetia and supported by BAK sitemapping

“Whispering walls” 2006 / Brandenburg at the former public swimming pool, audio-visual sound-installation
whispering walls

Premiere at the former public swimming pool Brandenburg July 2006, commissioned by Kulturland Brandenburg

“anderwelten ” Ireland since 2005
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anderwelten ” Irland

Solo performance for viola & voice, 3D sound diffusion with ambisonic and video projection by Charlotte Hug
In collaboration with Johannes Schütt and Peter Färber ICST

Premiere at the forum for new music theatre at the StaatsoperStuttgart 2006

“Sonotop” 2005 / Cork Laundry, audio-visual concert-installation

Concert-installation in the former “Magdalena Laundry” at St. Fin Barre’s hospital
Premiere at Cork European Capital of Culture 2005


Projects 1994-2004 (a selection)


Live performance in the catacombs of Paris for 14 musicians and graphic scores with Son-Icons 2004

Exhibition at the Kunstkeller Bern and at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris 2005

Quasar   Quasar – or drawing with music
Audio-visual performance and interactive installation Charlotte Hug: music-performance, viola, live electronics Andy Guhl: TV-loudspeakers, live cameras, magnets
Premiere: Visarte Ost St. Gallen
International festival “art & architecture” Birch, architect Peter Märkli Zurich 2004

Festival of the Arts Zurich with panorama projection and 3D sound diffusion Färber/Schütt

Exhibition with graphic scores / Son-Icons
Visarte Ost St. Gallen Mai 2004

Zeichnen im Dazwischen (drawing in between)
Gallery “Les Complices” Zurich August 2004 (with a catalogue)

Music and Art
Exhibition with drawings, installation & performances at Kunstkeller Bern January 2005


Delete - radio play
Text: Christine Rinderknecht
Music: Charlotte Hug
Director: Charles Benoit
Actress: Judith Engel
In collaboration with the Radio DRS2 2004


Channel-Sound-Installation in a hallway of 90m
by Cathy van Eck, Ellen Fellmann, Charlotte Hug

Premiere at the Klangkunstbühne /University of the Arts Berlin 2003

Ich umarme dich   Ich umarme dich
A scenic musical accompaniment to letters of Antonio Gramsci
Direction: Christoph Grothaus &Wolfgang Siuda
Dramaturgy: Kathrin Thiedemann
Acting: Magne Hovard Brekke und Samuel Finzi
Viola & live electronics Charlotte Hug
Chamber choir and choir of Chinese children
Premiere Festival at Kampnagel Hamburg 2003

Concert-installation with Son-icons
For viola, live-electronics and spatial score
Charlotte Hug: idea, composition and graphic scores
Heinz Gubler: director, Dani Bodmer: stage design
Alberto Venzago: video, Küde Meier: production
Sonorbit is commissioned by Pro Helvetia
Premiere theatre forum: claque & BBI Belluard Bollwerk International Fribourg

info   Son-Icons & spatial score
Duo Kwiatkowski-Hug   Duo Kwiatkowski-Hug
Dance – music - improvisation
Dance, Fine Kwiatkowski (Berlin)
viola, Charlotte Hug, or trio with John Edwards Bass (London) or with Günter Müller electronics
Symmetrien   Symmetrien
A musico-textual encounter
Nadine Olonetzky, text
John Edwards, double bass & voice
Charlotte Hug, viola & Son-Icons
Walter Küng, acting

Die Wolkenbauer
A documentary film about the construction of an artificial cloud
At the Expo 02
By Jolanda Piniel
Composition Charlotte Hug, produced by Atelier Zérodeux, (Expo 02 und SRG SSR idée suisse)
Shown at the Arteplage Biel Expo 02, Film festival Locarno 2002, Solothurner film festival 2003

Mounted   Mounted by the gods
A documentary film by Alberto Venzago
Music: Jochen Schmith Hombrock, Charlotte Hug,
Peter Scherrer und Yellow,
produced by Wim Wenders
shown at the Filmfestival Solothurn 2001, Montreal Filmfestival 2001, Film festival Rio de Janeiro 2001

Viele Stimmen in der Stille (solo and polyphony)
Performance for viola and live-electronics
Premiere Bach-Festival Stans 2000
At the charnel house Stans 2000

Neuland   Neuland
Commissioned by Musica Moderna,
Performances at the “house of detention” London,
Plattenberg Musikfestwochen Braunwald, Musica Moderna and many others

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Playground of the goddesses
Music performance with the duo “belles du jour”
Guest, Andres Bosshard, sound-architect
Franziska Baumann, voice, flute, electronics
Charlotte Hug, viola, electronics
Premiere Hallen für Neue Kunst Schaffhausen Schaffhauser Jazzfestival 2000

Mein Kunst   

Mein Kunst (sic)
Roman Buxbaum idea and concept
Marco Läuchli dramaturgy & and direcor,
Rahel Matter, Walter Küng, actords,
Charlotte Hug viola performance ( also as a solo version) music of the installation Peter Färber
Premiere theatre Gessnerallee Zurich 1999 Premeire for viola solo at the opening of the exhibition, Rudolfinum, Prag 1999


For viola and tape
A compositional collaboration with Martin Neukom
And the Swiss Centre of Computermusic
Premiere University of music and drama Zurich 1998

Wuensche   Wünsche im Wasser (wishes in the water)
Music performance for viola solo in a water - space - light installation
Charlotte Hug: music performance,
Stefan Saner: installation
Commissioned by “Morphing Systems” Zurich 1999
Premiere at the “Morphing Systems” exhibition

Bien fait - mal fait - pas fait
For dance, viola and 33 eggtimers
Dorothea Rust: dance, Charlotte Hug: viola
Premiere Sudhaus Warteck Basel 1999
And another version at the Kunsthalle Bern 1998


Diese Welt ist nicht meine Wohnung (this world is not my dwelling)1997
Music performance in a plane tree for viola solo and elextronics
(floating stage at a high of five meters in an old plane tree at the former “needle park” in Zurich
Premiere “Eine Nacht im Park” Platzspitz Zurich Curated by Harm Lux,
At the Zürcher Festspielen 1997
A Co-production with the Zurich Theaterspektakel

MauerrauM WandrauM  

MauerrauM WandrauM (room space wall space)
Work in progress 1994 - 1999
for viola and video-installation, four different video / duration 90 min
Charlotte Hug, idea , composition and installation
Alberto Venzago video
Premiere Theater an der Winkelwiese an den “Tagen für Neue Musik Zürich” 1996 commissioned by TFNMZ

info   mp3: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Rhône

For viola, twelve-part pane of glass with contact-microphones
And water jet orchestra
Garden-hose Pius Krummenacher and Daniel Ritz
Premiere Theatre Westend Zurich 1996


For viola solo and resonance objects
Premiere Project room Hohlstrasse 1995


Spielgelung (sic.)
For voice, viola, video cameras, monitors, mirrors
With Pascale Grau, Mario Bendotti, Eveline Kägi, Florence Girod
Premiere Theatre Westend Zurich 1995


For viola, voice answering machine and prepared record player
With Brigitte Heynen
Premiere at the University of art and design Zurich 1994